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The Pacific Islands Animal Welfare Charity enables individuals, veterinary professionals and organisations in the Pacific Islands to conduct critical and vital spay and neuter clinics and general veterinary services for FREE that would otherwise be out of reach for many impoverished communities.

Due to the lack of veterinary services in the greater pacific island region there is little help available. These outreach clinics are imperative and make a huge difference not only for the people but the animals whose lives depend on it.

Our work with these communities consists of spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens being born into short lives of suffering, along with medical treatment when needed.

Sterilisation is the only proven sustainable and humane means of reducing the animal population. To date we have conducted outreach clinics in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and the Philippines.

100% of donations goes back into these island nations be it organisations or individuals who are making a difference and slowly through education and outreach clinics we can help alleviate the suffering faced by so many.

street dogs

One female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens in seven years.​​

One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just six years.​


Rescue and Treatment

We help small animal rescuers & Individuals at street level who are trying to make a difference with little or no support. Sometimes animal rescue can seem to be just too big a problem, the numbers of animals that need help never seems to decrease.

We have rescued hundreds off the street suffering from Distemper, Parvo, TVT Tumors, and starvation which is a common scenario.

We have been working tirelessly in the Philippines for the last 2 years rescuing and providing medical treatment for street dogs with no hope. Some dogs have been found close to death in garbage bins and some thrown away as soon as they are sick. Some of these dogs unfortunately didn’t make it.

Shelter Fundraising

We endeavour to help shelters who are struggling and need support such as food for the rescued dogs & cats, repair work of the shelter, vet treatment for injured or sick dogs or building additional shelter.

We do this primarily through online auctions and donations. In 2014 we were able to help the SPCA in Fiji via online fundraising through auctions and in turn sent them 24 pallets in total of donated food, medical equipment and shelter items.

We have also helped Animals Fiji with donations of medications and clinic items and more recently the The Greater Good Foundation In Fiji, however we are always in need of additional donations to help even more.

Aid Relief

We have been sending aid relief items which are in need for individual rescuers and shelters primarily in the Philippines and Fiji.  

These donated items are sometime the crucial lifeline for these rescuers and shelters. Items we take for granted such as dog and cat food, bowls, dog coats, medicated shampoos, flea/tick treatment for dogs and cats, de-wormers, vitamins to name a few are items needed every day but all too often they cannot purchase.
We are always in need of donations to help send even more aid relief boxes whenever possible.


Some PIAW Success Stories


I have volunteered on two, three week trips with Pacific Islands Animal Welfare

I have enjoyed them immensely; the team I worked with were great at their job and now lifelong friends, the donated supplies were fantastic. Sam is very dedicated and strives to make sure she accommodates everyone’s working needs. I look forward to more welfare clinics in future.
Laura Hollyoak
IV Veterinary nursing

Volunteering to help the indigenous Pacific Islanders and their pets is so fulfilling.

These owners that have nothing, but are happy people, are so grateful for our presence in helping their pets. In turn that slowly improves the health and welfare of the broader pet population.
The clinic team pull together well and there’s no performance levels to achieve from traditional practice! Each time I fly back into a venue I’ve previously volunteered at, I’m like a little kid re-visiting my favourite playground – catching up with old friends (and to make new ones) and enjoying what we’ve come to do – provide social welfare to the animals.
Dr. Barry Springfield